Tent Ridge - Horseshoe Ridge Walk

Perhaps not the easiest to get along on the proper trail approach, this hike is a premier ridge walk with outstanding vistas of the vertically-thrust front range peaks in and around Spray Lakes. Again, this drive is about 30-40 minutes south of Canmore, along a dusty gravel road. You turn at Engadine Lodge, and drive a short ways towards the Mt Shark recreational area.

As the name implies, this ridge walk is in the shape of a horseshoe - you walk up into the beautiful alpine meadow in the middle, and the trail cuts left, and up onto the ridge climb. The climb is somewhat scrambly, but for most accomplished hikers, it's not too bad. Going clockwise around the ridge is probably safest, as you're going up the scramble steps, and not down them.

Soon you reach the first of three peaklets - this one offering fine views of Tryst Lake, The Fist, and even distant views of Robertson Glacier. The next peak's decent is one to be done carefully, but soon enough it levels out onto a pretty easy cruise to the final peaklet. Dropping back down to the forest is very steep - love to have poles at that point! At any rate, check out a few of the photos (including one or two panorama stiched photos).

By the way: Engadine Lodge is under new ownership, with big plans. We've stayed there is the winter, and it's a great place.