Battle Abbey - "Supreme Skiing"


Below are a collection of alpine ski touring photos from our February 2019 venture into Battle Abbey, located about 20 minutes as the crow flies (or in this case, a helicopter) west of Golden, BC, in the Selkirk Mountain Range. If you want to know more, check out their website ( ) . It’s a spectacular location, with a comfortable backcountry lodge perched at tree line, and abundant alpine and tree skiing all around. All it takes is some conditioning to be able to “earn those turns”, and the guides will take you on some pretty cool adventures! And, plenty of excellent food is served up to energize those long climbs.

This year, we had the “polar vortex” high pressure system, and it wasn’t going anywhere. The sub -20C days were sometimes challenging to endure, but we spent most of the time on the “sunny side” of the ranges to make it feel a lot nicer. The guides always know where to go and play!