Sparrowhawk Tarns Hike

Forecast was for 40% chance of sunshine (as Carol likes to view it). We drove the Spray Lakes Road south of Canmore for about 25 minutes from Grandview B&B. There was a chain saw noise up in the woods, which was rather odd. Turns out one of four crews were working on the TransCanada Trail build going on for the next two years, from Goat Creek to Elk Pass. Wow! What an ambitious project! I've read a little bit about it - they are actually taking on volunteers. See Tony Daffern's blog:

At any rate, we spent 6 hours hiking to the furthest tarn (a pond left behind by glacial work) and back, and would really rate this as an excellent adventure. Takes some route finding to stay on faint trails in the furthest reaches. We saw several marmots (see pics), ptarmigan, and unidentified little brown birds with reddish wings. Another great day in the Canadian Rockies!