Kayaking in mid-April: got love it!

Summer in April! The weather continues to be dry and very warm. Around Canmore, we've already been mountain biking, road biking, hiking, and today - kayaking! Likely the earliest we've ever pulled out the 'yaks for a paddle under bluebird skies, and not a breeze. Four minutes up the road from Grandview Chalet B&B is a reservoir that supplies half of Canmore's water supply. If you follow the shoreline around, it's about 5.5 km.

We knew that was a popular idea (even on a Monday), when we saw several others with their stand-up paddle boards, and a few varieties of kayaks. Lots of room out there though! The water was glass, clear, and very refreshing if you splashed yourself. Not the time of year to go for a swim.

As you paddle out, you're looking at the stunning north faces that are still holding some snow. A very nice view as you remember how to use your core as you paddle. The approach on the far end lets you look at the waterfalls coming out of Grassi Lakes far above - some portions of the falls are still bright white ice. On your way back, you see the now virtually snow-free peaks of Lady MacDonald, and Grotto. They were busy peaks on the weekend!

Mountain biking this evening....