Mt Shark: the xc ski hamster track

We skied the Mt Shark cross-country trail system in Kananaskis Country today. The 5 and 10km loops were just groomed yesterday (Dec 2), as well as the main trail leading to Watridge Lake (probably down to the Spray Bridge). It was +4C with gusty Chinook winds as we pulled into the parking lot. Surprisingly, there were a few other cars there - but I don't think we saw more than 2 or 3 people on the trails all day.

The coniferous trees were shedding in the wind - but really not that bad. We started out with SkiGo Red HF (-3 to +1C), but ended up putting on a wee bit of SkiGo XC -1 to +3 just under the toe area. A little slick, but fast and not sticky. Didn't even have pine needles or other detritus on the kicker when we finished.

The grooming was excellent - soft and smooth! Easy turning in the tite corners. The entire biathalon area was groomed as well, so I'm thinking they are keeping the area up to snuff as a backup to the Canmore Nordic Centre (with so many important races coming up). That said, sometimes I refer to the loops as part of a big hamster track- or perhaps a hot wheels track. So many ups, downs, and all around! Glad they have one-way tracks...

We did the 10 km loop, with a run out to Watridge Lake and back for good measure. I always like the 15km loop, but the outer loop doesn't seem to get groomed anymore. But that's OK. Not complaining - whadda you want for nothing?