Mt Grotto scramble

Another gorgeous fall day in the Canadian Rockies!! Instead of heading out to view the beautiful larches, we opted for a south-facing scramble up Mt Grotto, which is on the opposite side of the valley from Grandview Chalet B&B in Canmore, AB. While not a technical scramble, it rises 1425m (4675') from the start at the Alpine Club of Canada clubhouse. And it is an unrelenting pitch that you really notice on the way down!

The aspens were in full colour, as you make your way out of the valley. There are a few confusing intersections of trails initially, but you basically stay to the left of the massive canyon where the Rat's Nest Cave system is. You can arrange for guided tours of the cave system out of Canmore. They are quite interesting.

About the time you reach treeline, you've reached the NW ridge that you follow to he peak (2706m, or 8878'). The ridge is really excellent to follow, with huge views of the Bow Valley all the way to Banff, and the prairies to the east. Mt Assiniboine, at 3616m, is an obvious peak to the south.  If you keep your eyes open along the ridge, you will see Devonian coral fossils such as the one pictured below (~350 million years old). 

The route took about 6.5 hours - it will take a few days to unknot the quads!