Sentinel Pass hike

Monday, June 6, we headed out to hike Sentinel Pass in the Lake Louise area. We dropped bikes off at Moraine Lake, and then left the car at the trailhead for Paradise Valley. Sentinel Pass is 11.7 km, with about 2300 vertical feet of gain - near the end being very steep and rocky. We passed by Lake Annette, which is a very nice subalpine vista. At this time, we weren't required to hike in groups of 4, which is the usual anti-grizzly rule.

We really didn't see that many people, and the weather was perfect. Once over the pass, we started encountering more hikers coming from the Moraine Lake side. Hard to beat the view of the Ten Peaks surrounding Moraine Lake! Gorgeous colour!

When we got to Moraine Lake, we jumped on our bikes and cranked out the 9 kms back to the car. Pretty fast last few kms! We chomped on beaucoup watermelon to re-hydrate - a nice summertime treat.

Doing the circuit this way avoids nutty parking situation at Moraine - on a Monday!