Back To Louise


As the worst snow year in memory for Western Canada continues, we decided to hit Lake Louise on a Monday morning after a long awaited snowfall of some 5-10 cms. The rather thin base was rock hard on the front side, but surprisingly OK on the backside - particularly ER7 and Whitehorn 2 chutes (that are open). The above video clip was taken on the chutes when the sun broke through in the afternoon.

Ended up being a great day! The snow softened late in the afternoon, and was downright spring-like on the lower front side when we called it a day (at ten minutes to four...). Hopefully more snow is coming!

Update: March 20/15:

Back at Louise - perhaps a few mm's of new snow, and not soft! Flurries all day, so it really did not soften. Visability generally diminished throughout the day. Not stellar!